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     A coach is someone who works with clients in a collaborative effort to help them move forward and achieve their desired goals. Coaches receive their clients in a non-judgmental atmosphere, while helping them identify their inner strengths. Coaches help their clients understand that they are not broken. They educate them about their ADD/ADHD and help them understand the ADD/ADHD'ers unique brain wiring. The ADD/ADHD individual will identify alternative learning styles through the coaching process. Coaches guide and support their clients; however, they always allow the client to determine the focus of the goal. The coach is simply a facilitator; the responsibility for the outcome rests with the client. Coaches are extensively trained in the coaching process which includes techniques of client-questioning and self discovery exercises. Coaches trust the coaching process and bring their own experiences into the sessions.   

     I have been trained by the ADD Coach Academy and I have experience with individuals with ADD/ADHD both as a classroom teacher and in my own life. I understand the struggles the client goes through every day. I would be pleased to work with you to help you move forward.